It is time for the immortal children of Nut to take their place in the world of men. Born on the days that exist neither in this year nor in the next, they are told to embrace the omen of their birth - except the youngest, who is told to sit back and watch while her siblings earn praise and adoration for establishing civilization. She yearns to be recognized and remembered for a contribution all her own, but as she tries to make that happen, her choices threaten to damage and devastate everyone around her, and especially herself.

Imagine yourself, the youngest of five, relegated to the shadows.

Watching everyone around you achieve great things.

Knowing that you have greatness within you, if only you were given the opportunity to cultivate it, show it, master it.

How far would you go to become who you were meant to be?

Hidden By Moonlight explores the legendary epic myth of Ancient Egypt from the long neglected and extraordinary perspective of Nebt-Het, known by some as Nephthys: lady of watchfulness, one of the great nine, she who is hidden by moonlight.

Reveling in the magnetism, mystery, and magic of the ancient world, Hidden By Moonlight is a reflection into the heart of a goddess to unveil what has long been concealed.