Our challenges are those we choose for ourselves even if we were not ready to face them. Every choice that we make leads us in a particular direction. When we ignore warning signs or fail to listen to the guidance of Spirit, our road begins to look a little darker, a little harder, a little more bleak with every step. Eventually we find ourselves asking how we got here, and the answer is always, trace your steps. You got yourself here, putting one foot in front of another.

I reflect upon the recent events surrounding Lamar Odom and I see this principle in action. Various accounts have reflected upon his character as one who was not built for the spotlight that he found himself thrust into. There appears to be a lack of healthy coping mechanisms that would have assisted him with processing all of the changes, attention, criticism, scrutiny. It's important to note that most of us are walking around out of touch with our healthy coping mechanisms and unable to stay conscious through the crisis. Many of us have been Lamar Odom on a much smaller scale. We have had the great fortune to not go through our dramas in the media and under the public eye, so the pressure we've felt may not have been as heavy, but let's be honest, we have not always carried our lighter load with grace, excellence, or decency. We have often fallen short of our own capacity.

The principle of Ausar reminds us of our dominion over the circumstances of our lives. It is our responsibility to be aware of the path we are walking and assess if we are going the way we wish. It is our charge to make necessary changes in our walk so as to not veer into a negative place of darkness and chaos. Ausar tells us to stop moving, to stop walking, and to allow your period of stillness to be the place where you decide who it is you want to be and what you need to do to get yourself there.

Being Kemetic means that we do not play the victim or blame others. We either accept that we are the chess players, and we are empowered as co-creators of our destiny to move the pieces at will, or we are the pawns, allowing ourselves to be played as others see fit. Ausar demands that we take hold of our lives and be the kings or queens of our domain. If we are to be divine beings, then we must be in control of all things that happen to us and because of us.

The true meaning of sovereignty is to have supreme power and dominion. The way to do this is by deciding. Choosing what we want, and how we want it. Choosing to prepare adequately for the challenges ahead. Choosing to learn better coping mechanisms and to put our tools - like prayer, meditation, yoga, ritual - into action. Choosing to study the divine principles and invoke their qualities into our being. Choosing to maneuver life on our own terms rather than being manipulated by the world around us. Or choosing to be mediocre and unprepared and accepting the consequences of that choice.

Ausar teaches us to choose to exercise our divine royal birthright and claim it as our own.