Define Greatness

One year ago, I received a phone call from one of those "publishing houses" that ask you to buy a package upfront to pay for the cost of producing your work. By that point, I had done so much research and reading that I knew these companies were scamming thousands of authors out of thousands of dollars, and I knew I was not going to be one of them. I politely answered, wanting to take the opportunity to remove myself from their regular call list.

"So, have you finished your novel yet?" the young woman asked rather pleasantly, wanting to sound like someone whom I would enjoy collaborating with.

"No," I answered, trying to match her level of kindness with my tone, "but I've decided to publish independently, so unfortunately I will not be purchasing any of your company's services."

She sneered, loud enough for me to hear it. "So you only want your mom and your friends to read your book, then? Because that's what will happen if you go that route." An abrupt end came to that conversation.

Now let's be clear: I would have been completely satisfied if only my mom and my friends had read Hidden By Moonlight. One's measure of success does not always come from outside achievements, from fame, riches, and recognition. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, but sometimes a person needs to do a great thing because that is what s/he has been called to do. Not for the satisfaction of the many, but for the satisfaction of the soul. We have each incarnated here, at this time, in this place, in this precise way, in order to do something specific and to be something specific; whatever our thing, our great thing, is ours to give and ours alone.

I can't begin to relate this message to any one Neter or Netert, because each of them demonstrate this wisdom. Ptah is called to be great in craftsmanship; perhaps he is not the best warrior or the best at tilling the earth, but these are not his areas, and so he allows Heru to be the warrior par excellence and Ta-Urt to be the embodiment of the bountiful land. Kheper does not try to be both the rising sun and the setting sun; he knows what is his to govern and he focuses his energy there, giving that moment - his moment - the very best he has. This is the example we are bound to live by, as we become divine beings in the flesh: to be masters of one trade rather than jacks of many.

This explains why we each have a personal Mother Netert and/or Father Neter who governs our personalities, our missions, and our walk in life. It is our charge to get closer to that force, so close that we are unable to divide ourselves from that energy, so close that we become that energy in the flesh. It is then that we are able to be and do all that we were placed here to be and do, when we are a thinking, speaking, and living NTR/T. That is when we are able to satisfy the soul: when we are living in complete harmony and oneness with Divinity itself.

How do we define greatness, is the real question here. How do we understand it and what is it supposed to look like when we get there? For spiritual people, greatness is found in the achievement of purpose and the alignment of the self with the greater Self, the Divine Self, the Source, Spirit, the Universe, the All, Pa NTR. Never mind reaching millions of people or becoming an international phenomenon. If you begin by reaching your Self, you will have already done the greatest thing possible. You will have reached one.