A Published Author

I should be asleep now, I know. I have been running on empty for many moons now. And yet, that is what it feels like when one is driven by passion. The fire in the belly ignites, and stopping is not an option. Despite knowing all you know about the benefits of rest. Despite having a sincere desire to relax. You cannot relax. You have been called and you have chosen to answer.

I am excited today, not just because of my own personal accomplishment. I recognize this as an accomplishment of the Neteru, who tapped me on the shoulder and guided me in the direction that They would have me to go. The Neteru whisper to me, day in and day out, and I humble myself to a force greater than myself, and I listen. This happened because they wanted it to. Everything that happens is in accordance with the Divine will, ab en NTR.

I recognize this as an accomplishment of my Ancestors, who protect me, walk with me, encourage me, and remind me of who I am and who I can be. Who I will be. My Ancestors who left behind a wealthy tradition filled with wisdom just waiting for us to come along and reclaim it. My Ancestors who talked of the world and life and Spirit through story and song. My Ancestors who knew that one day we would find what we'd lost.

I am a published author today.

What is the thing that you have been called to do? What is the stirring in your spirit, the voice that you cannot ignore, the order of your steps, the direction of your path? What awaits you when you choose to answer that call? What awaits you when you choose not to?

Passion is a tricky, true thing. It is a fire that must be kept burning, cultivated so that it does not scorch the earth, tended so it does not die. It is a wave that will continue to crash, relentless until it breaks down the rocks that resist it, gently smoothing the edges of stone. It is a breath of fresh air when you turn your face to the sky, sun breathing on your neck, grass tickling your toes. It is the essence of all existence. It is the reason why anything exists. Embracing passion allows you to become a god/dess in the flesh. You are the creator. You are the most high.

There is a song on the breeze; the Neteru speak with a voice as light as a feather. Respond.