Approaching the Neteru

For they are very approachable. The Neteru are simply waiting for us to gather the courage to walk beside them and reach for their hands.

The Neteru are called the forces of Nature, but they are much more than that. Yes, they are the wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightning. The Neteru are also the breath, the heartbeat, the hunger pangs, the tears. They are elation, gratitude, fear, doubt, and the muddled infinity of all the emotions that exist in between. 

The Neteru are the forces of our nature.

The Neteru are the individual expressions of NTR that allow us accessibility to a force that is greater than our imagination and beyond our ability to perceive. We might not ever be able to get close to NTR if not for the Neteru, who take us under their wings as if we were tiny baby birds, to be fed from their mouths, giving us the little that our humanity can handle in third dimension sized doses. Would we be able to understand the scope of our inner divinity were it not for the Neteru; would we be able to tap into the NTR that exists within us and expresses itself as us?

Women and men alike hold the capacity to know the Neteru by immersing themselves into each manifestation, one by one. It takes vulnerability and freedom to carry a power such as this within you, and to feel it resonate in every cell, every atom. We shy away because it overwhelms us, and at full strength it is too much. We are never vulnerable enough; we are never free.

The distance that we place between ourselves and the Neteru is meant to protect us but it restricts us as well, and so we lose access to the greatest source of our power, because we are incapable of being power-full.

Who we are and who we can be is as infinite and expansive and divine as we are able to allow it to be. As we are able to imagine ourselves being. As we go into our meditations, we are charged to begin to release the binds that hold us, to let down our guard, to tear down the walls. To be vulnerable and unrestricted. To be free. To be one with all of Creation.

To be a Neteru.