Embahra Maat is Hmt NTR (high priestess) of the Temple of Anu, an Afra-Kemetic spiritual house which focuses on cultural restoration led by Naswt Biti Ra Sankhu Kheper. She serves as co-teacher for First Eye on Kemet, a course that introduces students to the Kemetic tradition, and as head teacher of KMWT, preparing women for spiritual initiation. Embahra is a graduate of Sacred Woman, a journey created by Queen Afua which engages Kemetic practices for holistic healing. As a teacher, guide, and high priestess, her greatest honor is to offer consultations and divination services to spiritual seekers aiming to manifest their higher selves. 

Embahra Maat is also an author and songwriter who got her start as the winner of a playwright contest in middle school. During her undergraduate career, she concentrated her English degree in Creative Writing, where she experimented with poetry, short stories, and children’s stories. Embahra served as writer and editor-in-chief of The Caellian, the progressive student magazine of Douglass College at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and later enrolled in fiction writing courses through the School of Professional Studies at NYU. These two aspects of her journey converged with the publication of her first novel, Hidden By Moonlight. Embahra is currently writing her second novel, The Great Falcon, and preparing a collection of Afra-Kemetic children's stories featuring lessons about culture, responsibility, and reciprocity taught by the adventures and examples of the Neteru.