Divination is not fortune telling. The goal of spiritual divination is to offer insight that will assist with superior decision making and provide foresight into a future course of action. The job of a spiritual reader is to interpret Divine messages through Oracular means to the benefit of the questioner. Feel free to use the Contact page to ask questions about Divination and the consultation appointment ahead of scheduling a conversation. 

Level Up: Spiritual Evolution Reading

For when you’re feeling stuck and uncertain about the direction of your life path. Clarify exactly what steps you need to take in order to break through to the next phase of your spiritual and emotional growth. This reading includes instructions to cultivate your inner Divinity via Kemetic ritual tailored to open the way. This reading is not done in-person or video call; details will be sent to you via snail mail or email.

Reading + Ritual = $42

Boo’d Up: Relationship Reading

Check in with your Ancestors before you get too deep with the person you’ve been seeing. Find out if there are red flags that you should steer clear of, or if there are incompatibilities that will bring challenges in the long run. You will also get clarity on your relationship’s strengths and what each of you can do to make it work. Get the insight you need so you can be certain as you dive in head – and heart – first.

30 minutes (in-person or video call) = $33

Boss Up: Job Change Reading

Is now the right time to make a change in your career? This reading will let you know if you should hold off on quitting, or make the leap. You will find out if the change you want to make is the right one, or if there is another alternative you should consider. Lastly, we’ll determine if there are problems that you’re walking into at the new job, or if everything will be smooth.

30 minutes (in-person or video call) = $33

Heads Up: Reading on Life Concerns

Use this as an opportunity to get a check-in on current conditions in your life. Determine which energies are governing your finances, home life, and family, and if there are things you need to do to get right with the NTRU (Divine Forces). This reading allows you to ask multiple questions over the course of the hour as we do a general scan on how things are going.

60 minutes (in-person or video call) = $66

Team Up: Major Changes Reading

Starting a business? Writing a book? Moving across the country? Find out which of the NTRU (Divine Forces) blesses the new endeavor, and bring purpose and intention to the partnership for increased success. Learn how to invoke the energy of the NTR/T (Divine Force) for guidance, strength, decisiveness, and protection as you execute your plans.

45 minutes (in-person or video call) = $48